June 18 - 20, 2018
Roosevelt Hotel  |  New York, NY
A unique forum for sales, marketing and IT leaders to learn about the specific challenges and best practices faced by consumer goods companies
in the new digital age
Confront the Consumer-Driven World


The 15th annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit remains committed to providing a single thought leadership forum for CG executives to network with peers, share ideas and experiences and learn about important industry trends. It will bring sales, marketing, and IT thought leaders together to explore strategies for making impactful consumer connections, providing abundant networking opportunities and insightful presentations centered wholly on consumer-facing initiatives in digital marketing, big data, mobility, trade promotions, retail partnerships, consumer insights, sales force effectiveness and much more.


The Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit Offers: 


• 200+ consumer goods executives across business and IT who are focused on sales and/or marketing 
• A thought-provoking agenda with insights into innovation, more effective retail partnerships, marketing investments, promotions efforts and brand penetration 
• Numerous networking opportunities
A sample of what's in store from Duncan Wardle, innovation expert and one of the 2018 event speakers!
Comments from Attendees of the 2017 Summit:
"Our companies should focus on not products, but on solutions for consumers. We need to be prepared to interact with consumers through the marriage of apps, devices, and AI. This event gave me the tools to begin that process at my company."
"This event has shown me that IT is finally trying to tackle analytics in a systematic way. I can't wait to apply what I've learned back at work."
"I now see that Digital is everything. Every company has to be a tech company if they want to survive! "
"My #1 take away from this event: Disrupt or be Disrupted!"
"This event gave me an amazing opportunity to network with industry peers and look at the art of possibilities."


Technology that connects consumers, shoppers, retailers, and brands has forever changed the trajectory of the Consumer Goods industry. Digital commerce, coupled with the availability of data and the growing expectations of consumers is forcing companies to seek growth in new dimensions as they compete for consumer attention, patronage, and loyalty.


How do companies meet these new challenges? How should initiatives be prioritized? The 15th annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit will bring sales, marketing and IT leaders together to address those issues.


This year’s agenda focuses on the theme of Confront the Consumer-Driven World through educational and workshop style sessions that feature the industry’s best and brightest, all sharing best practices in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Be sure to join us and other influential consumer goods executives at The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC from June 18-20, 2018.