Everywhere Commerce: Engaging Today’s Consumer From Interaction to Transaction

Every consumer goods brand has the same basic mission — serve the needs of today’s consumer — while today’s consumers have the basic desire to be treated like a person, not a transaction. To achieve this, brands need to go above and beyond to interact with individuals on their own terms, whenever and however they choose — demonstrating the agility to react in real time. The age of Everywhere Commerce is upon us, where brands must communicate, sell, and engage through an ever-expanding list of touchpoints that go well beyond e-commerce and bricks and mortar. A one-size-fits-most approach no longer fits; companies must make targeted, strategic choices to provide an individualized approach that resonates with each unique audience. CGSM 2022 will kick off with an opening keynote exploring the main theme of Everywhere Commerce, with Pascal Houdayer detailing Orveon Global’s commerce approach and providing real-world examples on how they connect with busy, easily fragmented consumers to turn that engagement into sales growth from Trademark to Lovemark.

Date & Time
Thursday, October 27, 2022, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM