Success Redefined: The New Metrics of Innovation 

Although the consumer goods industry has undergone a vast amount of transformation during a rapid moment, our ways of measuring success haven’t kept pace. Today’s new industry imperatives require new Metrics of Innovation.  

Gaining alignment on true business objectives and developing a technology roadmap to deliver on relevant KPIs are key to staying focused. If there was ever a time for sales, marketing, and IT to come together, it’s now. The Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit is this year’s destination for leaders to exchange ideas, inspiration, and strategies to ready for the next quantum leap in innovation. 

Thank You from the CGSM Team!

Thank you for helping us celebrate the 20th Anniversary Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit(CGSM). We want to extend our gratitude to each and every one of you. Your participation, insights, and collaborative spirit have made this event an incredible success.